2023 Sigmafine Summit


Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Join your industry peers at our annual users' meeting, the 2023 Sigmafine Summit, as we gather to discuss transforming your data into digital assets. Hear how other customers have implemented Sigmafine to address business challenges and learn what the product development team's plans are to improve and enhance the platform.

We will be hosting a virtual event and hope you can attend. More information is coming soon.

There is still time to get involved

Call for Papers!

Share your experience in best practices and present how you use Sigmafine to empower digital transformation during the 2023 Sigmafine Summit on November 14th.

Submission Instructions


  • Submit a single-page abstract that outlines your 20-minute presentation and key takeaways.
  • Topics should focus on how you use Sigmafine to enable the realization of advanced digital strategies and technologies for your organization.
  • If selected, your abstract may be published in the event program and on the Sigmafine website.
  • For more information, contact your Pimsoft Account Manager or email us at sigmafine@pimsoftinc.com.

Transforming Data into Digital Assets

The Cornerstone of Advanced Manufacturing Strategies

2022 Sigmafine Virtual Summit Sessions

Building trust through reliable data

Hear how Heide refinery onboarded Sigmafine technology around 10 years ago with the aim of building trust in the financing parties by exposing a reliable inventory position by product and ownership.

Minimize Material Imbalance and improve Data Quality with software-based Reconciliation and Measurement Audits

Join our technology experts as they present how to achieve significant improvement in material imbalances thorough the use of high edge technology for data reconciliation and measurement audits.

Digitalizing Metallurgical Inventory and Accounting Management

Hear all about how Aveva, Pimsoft, and Contac Ingenieros have been working on an integrated solution capable of handling Inventory Management, Production Accounting, and Data Reconciliation, providing a solid framework for the performance of best practices employed to identify accurately operational information required to make valuable decisions.

Transforming Data into Digital Assets

Hear how Sigmafine is capable of helping implement a sustained mass balance protocol to ensure data quality that helps companies rely on their data to make actionable business decisions.

The Need for Sensor Data Quality Management

During this presentation, you will learn why poor sensor data quality can be blocking the true adoption of data-driven strategies, and how to get started with a fundamental approach to sensor data quality management.

Enabling Digital Twins

This presentation explains ways and means to improve digital twin model input data quality and its benefits.

2021 Sigmafine Virtual Summit Presentations

INEOS Cologne case study

Learn how INEOS has integrated Sigmafine in their Cologne petrochemical site as their central balancing tool and how that has affected the resullts in their business and day-to-day process.

Petronas Case Study

Learn how Sigmafine took part in the PETRONAS MRCSB digitalization strategy to support process improvements and integrated asset development and management.

Chevron Pascagoula Refinery Case Study

This presentation discusses how Sigmafine is being utilized to facilitate and address the business challenges associated with Chevron’s Gross Margin Improvement initiative.

The Digital Asset

Learn about digital assets and their role in best practices in accelerating the journey through data, information, and intelligence, while enabling businesses for advanced analytics, digital transformation, operational excellence, and decarbonization strategies & programs.

Emerson’s Plantweb Optics Analytics & Sigmafine Case Study

This presentation demonstrates how advanced analytics and data reconciliation were combined to yield incremental benefits and root cause analysis capabilities on the unit level.

Keynote Address

Learn how the transformation of streaming data and events into usable datasets, suitable for advanced analytics, is the last mile to actionable insights in the process industries.

Getting Started with SigmafineHub

This presentation should answer all your questions on how to to plan, install, configure, and commission Sigmafine Hub for new or existing Sigmafine Server instance.

Bringing Your Sigmafine Value a Step Further with SigmafineStudio

Learn how SigmafineStudio brings the user experience a step further with improved automation in the data management workflow, integrated reporting and dashboarding, easier consumption of complex data table results within the Sigmafine GUI allowing users to build customized analytics with a zero-coding approach.​

Product Development Roadmap

Hear from the product development team about updates to Sigmafine, SigmafineHub, SigmafineStudio, and get a sneak peek of the development priorities coming up over the horizon.

PI System: Data Infrastructure for Performance Intelligence

Hear how using the PI System as a data infrastructure allows you to combine data from disparate sources to help bring context for analysis and reporting, and empowers people to leverage data to generate actionable information through best practices, to provide continuous improvement.

Experience in the Implementation of Metallurgical Accounting Systems based on Sigmafine

Hear how Contac builds a formal metallurgical accounting system based on Sigmafine and further enhanced the system’s functionality, traceability, ease of use, and scalability for the mines and metals industry.

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