November 9-11, 2021

The Sigmafine Summit is an annual gathering of professionals who have deep professional experience in the transformation of data into digital assets. Join us for a unique virtual experience for the 2021 edition.



November 9-11, 2021

The Sigmafine Summit is an annual gathering of professionals who have deep professional experience in the transformation of data into digital assets. Join us for a unique virtual experience for the 2021 edition.

INEOS Cologne case study

Learn how INEOS has integrated Sigmafine in their Cologne petrochemical site as their central balancing tool and how that has affected the resullts in their business and day-to-day process.

The Digital Asset

Learn about digital assets and their role in best practices in accelerating the journey through data, information, and intelligence, while enabling businesses for advanced analytics, digital transformation, operational excellence, and decarbonization strategies & programs.

Petronas Case Study

Learn how Sigmafine took part in the PETRONAS MRCSB digitalization strategy to support process improvements and integrated asset development and management.

Keynote Address

Learn how the transformation of streaming data and events into usable datasets, suitable for advanced analytics, is the last mile to actionable insights in the process industries.

Experience in the Implementation of Metallurgical Accounting Systems based on Sigmafine

Hear how Contac builds a formal metallurgical accounting system based on Sigmafine and further enhanced the system’s functionality, traceability, ease of use, and scalability for the mines and metals industry.

Chevron Pascagoula Refinery Case Study

This presentation discusses how Sigmafine is being utilized to facilitate and address the business challenges associated with Chevron’s Gross Margin Improvement initiative.

Product Development Roadmap

Hear from the product development team about updates to Sigmafine, SigmafineHub, SigmafineStudio, and get a sneak peek of the development priorities coming up over the horizon.

Getting Started with SigmafineHub

This presentation should answer all your questions on how to to plan, install, configure, and commission Sigmafine Hub for new or existing Sigmafine Server instance.

PI System: Data Infrastructure for Performance Intelligence

Hear how using the PI System as a data infrastructure allows you to combine data from disparate sources to help bring context for analysis and reporting, and empowers people to leverage data to generate actionable information through best practices, to provide continuous improvement.

Emerson’s Plantweb Optics Analytics & Sigmafine Case Study

This presentation demonstrates how advanced analytics and data reconciliation were combined to yield incremental benefits and root cause analysis capabilities on the unit level.

Bringing Your Sigmafine Value a Step Further with SigmafineStudio

Learn how SigmafineStudio brings the user experience a step further with improved automation in the data management workflow, integrated reporting and dashboarding, easier consumption of complex data table results within the Sigmafine GUI allowing users to build customized analytics with a zero-coding approach.​

At Pimsoft, we believe that the transformation of streaming data and events into usable datasets, suitable for advanced analytics, is the cornerstone of actionable insights in the process industries and an essential requirement of “Digital Transformation” initiatives.

We refer to such datasets as "Digital Assets" because they assert economic significance to information. Without properly conditioned data and information, digital transformation initiatives may fail or underdeliver.

During the 2021 Sigmafine Summit, you will discover how SigmafineHub’s new capabilities extend Sigmafine beyond data validation and data reconciliation and implement a system of checks and balances that delivers data governance and can service a broad range of operational and business needs as well as multiple digital transformation initiatives.

Attendees to the 2021 summit will:

  • Hear how existing Sigmafine users are already practicing the transformation of data into digital assets for their organization.
  • Discover SigmafineStudio™, which is transforming the Sigmafine technology into a web-based, analytics-enabled platform able to streamline and automate the process of transforming data into digital assets.
  • Learn how our strategic partners are using Sigmafine and SigmafineHub® to augment their analytics capabilities.

The 2021 Summit is virtual and will be hosted at 10:00 AM in the following time zones:

  • November 9th, 2021 – APAC – Singapore and China Time
  • November 10th, 2021 – AMERICAS – Central US Time
  • November 11th, 2021 – EMEA – Central European Time.

Mark your calendar now and join us for this unique opportunity to discover the unique value proposition of Sigmafine.  Of course, if you are intrigued by the idea of Transforming Data into Digital Assets and cannot wait for the Summit, contact us immediately for an explaining and demonstration session.

...through 2025, 80% of organizations seeking to scale digital business will fail because they do not take a modern approach to data and analytics governance."

-- Gartner

Why Attend?

Already using Sigmafine?

Leave the Sigmafine Virtual Summit with several learnings you can immediately apply to optimize your use of Sigmafine, including:

  • Best practices for using Sigmafine from keynotes, case studies, panel discussions and conversations with peers
  • Discover the latest offerings and what the future holds for the Product Development Roadmap
  • Tips, tricks and shortcuts to optimize how you use Sigmafine on a day to day basis

Considering implementing Sigmafine?

Walk away from Sigmafine Virtual Summit armed with the information you need to successfully implement Sigmafine, including:

  • How to make a business case for investing in Sigmafine and data quality
  • How to staff and run a Sigmafine implementation with minimal risk and shortest time to benefit
  • Why the Application and Software Maintenance and Support programs of Pimsoft makes a difference

Call for Papers!

Join your industry peers at our annual users meeting, the Sigmafine Virtual Summit 2021, as we gather to discuss transforming your data into digital assets. Share your experience in best practices and present how you use Sigmafine to empower digital transformation during the Sigmafine Virtual Summit November 9-11.

Submission Instructions

  • Submit a single-page abstract that outlines your 20-minute presentation and key takeaways.
  • Topics should focus on how you use Sigmafine to enable the realization of advanced digital strategies and technologies for your organization.
  • If selected, your abstract may be published in the event program and on the Sigmafine website.
  • For more information, contact your Pimsoft Account Manager or email us at
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