About the Sigmafine Virtual Summit 2020

In 2020, "Digital Transformation" and advanced manufacturing strategies like industry 4.0 are top of mind for everyone in the process industries. It is transforming how we look at plant operations. It is impacting how we work and collaborate. It creates demand for new skills in data engineering and data science. It calls for new sensors, edge data processing, and better data management practices. It is changing how business processes are designed and run. It is demanding evolution in information systems across the value chain of the enterprise. The ripple effects of Digital Transformation have just begun.

"Transforming data into digital assets" has emerged as a significant focus area for many of us and is a necessary foundational activity if we want to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

Sigmafine users are no strangers to this activity. They have been at it for many years. We called it data cleansing, data validation, data reconciliation, data conditioning, etc. All of these activities have a common goal: transforming signals and disparate data into a usable and reliable dataset. Or, in 2020's parlance: a "Digital Asset."

The Sigmafine Summit is an annual gathering of professionals who have deep professional experience in the transformation of data into digital assets. Join us for a unique virtual experience for the 2020 edition.

If you are new to Sigmafine, visit www.sigmafine.net to learn more.  You can also check out the content from previous years' events below:

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