Astri Agustiana Sari
Section Head Refinery Planning

Speaker Bio

Astri Agustiana Sari is the section head for refinery planning departments. She has a chemical engineering background. Previously work at engineering and development departments.

About Pertamina

Pertamina is the national energy company, 100% owned by the Government of Indonesia with the Minister of State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) as the Shareholder Proxy. As the locomotive of the national economy, Pertamina is a state-owned company engaged in the energy sector including oil, gas, and new and renewable energy.

In the Refinery sector, Pertamina carries out business activities in the country which include refinery and petrochemical refinery management. To fulfill the demand for domestic fuel, Pertamina must be able to ensure that its refinery units’ production can run optimally.

Pertamina owns 6 Refinery Units (RU) with a total capacity reached 1.046,70 thousand barrels. Some of the RU such as RU-III Plaju and RU-IV Cilacap are integrated with petrochemical refinery which produces products like Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) dan Paraxylene.

Sigmafine implementation to drive Pertamina Refinery oil accounting system on Pertamina RU VI

Pertamina as national energy company that produces, distributes, and refines oil and gas in Indonesia and overseas. Pertamina has 6 Refining Unit (RU) : RU II dumai, RU III Plaju, RU IV Cilacap, RU V Balikpapan, RU VI Balongan, RU VII Kasim. RU VI Balongan has implemented and integrated Sigmafine 4 with the refinery oil accounting system (ROAS) to generate Monthly Quantity Accounting Report (MQAR). Reconciled and validated data from Sigmafine contribute in reducing calculated working loss and total loss by up to 36%. This calculated loss also reduces production costs at RU VI Balongan.


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