SigmafineHub: A Digital Asset Factory for the enterprise

Download Now! SigmafineHub: A Digital Asset Factory for the enterprise For over 25 years, Sigmafine systems have been reliably delivering reconciled data to users, applications, and business processes across multiple verticals in the process industries. In today’s terms, the purpose of Sigmafine is to “Transform raw data and signals into digital assets” to support and …

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Sigmafine in ISAB refining and power generation

Hear how Sigmafine was expanded at ISAB to include the monitoring of power generation assets and utility networks. Giving insight and accurate production accounting for this integrated refinery & power generation site that is critical to maximize operational and financial performance.

ICL Rotem tests Sigmafine advanced analytics

Sigmafine extended capabilities were recently evaluated in the context of a proof of concept project to perform the daily mass & component balance; monitor the data quality of the meters, estimate material type and chemical properties of unmeasured inventories and flows. Hear about some of the findings in this presentation.

Improving daily reconciliation quality in Slovnaft Refinert

Slovnaft production accounting team developed a set of metrics based on the indicators Sigmafine provides to measure how the balance is performing and the improvements over time.

Learn how the Sigmafine model is supporting operations both with identification of meter issues and to perform loss allocation by source at the Slovnaft Refinery

Transforming data into digital assets

In 2020, “Digital Transformation” and advanced manufacturing strategies like industry 4.0 are top of mind for everyone in the process industries. It is transforming how we look at plant operations. It is impacting how we work and collaborate. It creates demand for new skills in data engineering and data science. It calls for new sensors, edge data processing and better data management practices. It is changing how business processes are designed and run. It is causing changes in information systems across the value chain of the enterprise. The ripple effects of Digital Transformation have just begun.

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