Ensuring data quality for financial reporting, billing, and daily production reporting with Sigmafine

Sasol Synfuels has used Sigmafine for more than 15 years to perform daily production accounting and identify faulty meters. The large model balances 245 process units and provides an estimate for more than 300 unmeasured streams. 

Additionally, the resulting Sigmafine-validated dataset is used to: monetize the materials being exchanged between the affiliated companies; aggregate monthly data for billing and invoicing purposes; and continuously update the production schedule & planned data, including the calculation of production loss relative to the planOverall Sigmafine has led to faster validation and balancing of process measurements to support both operations and corporate finance 


Wayne Fourie
Production Accountant
Sasol Synfuels Ltd.

Speaker Bio

Wayne has worked at Sasol for 26 years. He started he career in production, where he spent 12 years before moving to the production accounting team. He has led all of the company's Sigmafine migration projects (Sigmafine 3 through the latest version, Sigmafine 4.7).


About Sasol Synfuels Ltd.

Sasol Limited, South Africa's largest business entity, is an integrated energy and chemical company based in Sandton. Sasol employs 30,100 people worldwide and has operations in 33 countries. Sasol Synfuels' product portfolio includes fuel oils, GTLs, lubricants, bitumen, and performance fuels.

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