Keyman Technologies Co. Ltd.

Hangzhou Keyman Technologies Co., Ltd (Keyman Technologies Co., Ltd, referred to as Keyman Technologies) is a software service provider based on an open platform for the Chinese manufacturing industry.

It mainly provides consulting, implementation and related services for production informatization projects. Combine IT information technology with OT enterprise production operation and maintenance technology.

It is a typical high-tech company founded by overseas returnees, which has received support and support from the Hangzhou District Government.

The company's founder and main core team have worked in well-known IT companies at home and abroad, and come from well-known international and domestic universities. The core team members have master degrees in related majors. The company uses information-based software products, combined with information-based industry experience, to help companies mine production data information and obtain value from data. The company can quickly respond to user needs and adopt a flexible model of basic platform + customized development to provide customers with practical and reliable information solutions.

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