Shorou International is an Abu Dhabi, UAE based company focusing on solutions and services for the digital transformation in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Industrial, Utility and Manufacturing sectors. We are in ISO-9001 registered company with ICV 3.0 certification in UAE.

Our Advanced Process Control and Automation solutions and professional services, including Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and GIS integration, plus Learning Management Systems, allow our customers to embrace Digital Transformation as one of their key strategic priorities.

Shorou has worked closely with Middle East customers to make this possible using real time data collection and analysis, insightful decision making and automation of business processes thereby fueling increased productivity and profitability while minimizing costs. Our solutions and services for the OSI PI System and other real-time historians, the SigmaFine data conditioning and mass/energy balancing tools, GIS and ML/AI tools, empowers transformational change across all areas of operations while adhering to regulatory compliance.

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