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Sigmafine in ISAB refining and power generation

ISAB S.r.l. represents one of the biggest European industrial sites and is made of three interconnected production sites, including Italy’s largest integrated IGCC. An accurate production accounting for this integrated refinery & power generation site is critical to maximizing operational and financial performance. 


ISAB is using the OSIsoft Asset Framework and Sigmafine technology for the daily and monthly production accounting of the refinery. This solution provides a consistent set of accurate reconciled data for flows, material movements, and inventories, including the unmeasured streams, and is fully integrated in ISAB infrastructure, automating data acquisition through dedicated interfaces and allowing the user manual intervention in case of need. Sigmafine supports data diagnostic providing meter and assets data quality indexes, and it is also used to track the crude composition in refineries.  


In the last year, the usage of Sigmafine was expanded also to power generation and utility networks, validating the measurements of these energy-intensive assets. Moreover, Sigmafine successfully covers the need to have accurate and reliable data to be used as a basis for trustable KPIs. This process allows the users to accurately monitor the real site performances and easily identify the measurements and units which are operating outside their targets.   


Giorgio Melilli
Deputy General Manager for Information and Communication Technology
LUKOIL Italia S.r..L.

Speaker Bio

Giorgio Melilli is an Information Systems Manager with over 30 years of experience in the sector. He graduated in Information Sciences in 1989 and started his professional career dealing with programming and Operations Research issues. For over 11 years he has held a managerial role in the field of information systems in the role of CIO and is currently Deputy General Manager for information systems with LUKOIL.


Giovanni Lo Verso
Deputy General Manager for Technology
LUKOIL Italia S.r..L.

Speaker Bio

Giovanni Lo Verso graduated in chemical engineering from the University of Palermo, he has been working in the refining sector for more than 25 years, with experience in the area of technology, operations, production planning and supply. He is currently Deputy General Manager for Technology. with LUKOIL


About LUKOIL Italia S.r.l. 

LUKOIL Italia is operating in Italy since May 2009, after the acquisition of ISAB (Industria Siciliana Asfalti e Bitumi), oil refinery located on the East Cost of Siciliy. Today, our logistics structure is firmly established and able to guarantee an effective distribution of products to service stations anywhere in Italy. 

Our goal is to create a network of industry-leading service stations, integrating the state-of-the-art refining operations in Sicilyoffering a complete range of products and services for the car, the driver and its passengers, so as to obtain maximum convenience and productivity, spreading the excellent reputation for the quality-price ratio that the LUKOIL brand already enjoys globally throughout the country. 

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