LIVE WEBINAR - Wednesday, August 4, 2021. Americas 8:30 am (CDT) | EMEA 3:30pm (CEST)

Sigmafine Solutions for Polysilicon / Semiconductor Industry

Discover how Sigmafine can add value beyond data reconciliation and validation.

This webinar will focus on how Sigmafine can be applied to the manufacturing of high purity polysilicon. We will go beyond the normal uses of Sigmafine and look at how it can be applied in multiple contexts beyond just the classic context of improving data quality.

By attending this webinar, you will learn how Sigmafine can help with:

  • Material tracking
  • Monitor material movement
  • Set KPIs for energy-intensive equipment

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Kaushal Desai
Sales Engineer
Pimsoft, Inc.
+1 (832) 715-7879

Speaker Bio

Kaushal has earned a Mechanical Engineering and Technology degree from the University of Houston. He joined the Pimsoft team in 2018 as a Sales Executive.

Prior to joining Pimsoft, Kaushal served as Business Development Manager for Process Engineering and Plant Engineering software, where he was responsible for business development, sales, marketing, and technical support for Americas.

Kaushal is also experienced in the upstream Oil and Gas industry. He has worked for various Oil and Gas service companies honing his engineering skills and sustaining high-tech down-hole drilling tools. Past technical positions have helped him acquire significant design, manufacturing, and testing experience.

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