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CONTAC services and technologies combined with PIMSOFT Sigmafine software, provide a complete operational accounting solution for the Mining industry. A consistent, accurate, and context-specific information system for the value chain, from the mine to the port.

Valuable inventories, work in process, and material traceability are structured following the operational processes; the inclusion of other contextual information like asset availability and utilization, essential consumables, and critical operational parameters provides a  comprehensive information base for the specific needs of the stakeholders of the functional, tactical and strategic levels of the company

  • Conformance to plan
  • Cost analysis
  • Daily, MTD performance
  • Compare, Analyze, evaluate the operation
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics

Other CONTAC technologies can further enhance operational Accounting Solution.

  • SEP, Down Time System, including asset dependencies modeling for advanced reliability analysis and KPI´s
  • SCAN, Advanced Analytics platform that leverages on the historian data and (open) AI&ML technologies



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