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Mass Balance and Accounting solutions by Emerson & Pimsoft

End to end solutions to improve performance and loss control

Emerson's measurement technologies and mass balance and loss control consulting expertise combined with Pimsoft's Sigmafine software platform provide a comprehensive solution that helps customers validate and reconcile field measurements for custody transfer, plantwide and unit material balances, yield accounting, and loss control activities. Having reliable and quality datasets for these activities can significantly improve operations, prevent theft, reduce losses and mitigate financial risk. Better data quality is also a critical enabler for maximizing the effectiveness and ROI of digital transformation and optimization projects.

How to make a Business Case for improving Mass Balance?

  • Assess the current closure of your mass balances and quantify the current uncertainty
  • Benchmark your results with industry peers
  • Analyze the performance of existing measurement systems versus critical balance point and stack rank the financial
    impact of the observed uncertainty.
  • Understand the impact of measurement uncertainty on other critical KPI's.
  • Identify the failure modes and data defects impacting the closure of the mass balance and develop corrective and
    preventive action plans

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