Sigmafine Training

Discover the Sigmafine training offering of Pimsoft and learn about the various training paths and delivery models.


The importance of training in technology adoption

At Pimsoft, we believe that training is the single most important element in ensuring the success of a Sigmafine deployment and the rapid adoption of technology. In order to deliver its full value, training must also address the business context and the organization’s challenges.

For this reason, we offer both public and private training sessions designed according to participants’ organizational roles and proficiency levels. Private training sessions can be coupled with project-specific activities to deliver a personalized training program.


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Pimsoft S.p.A.

Founded in 1995, Pimsoft is a private company headquartered in Turin, Italy with satellite offices in Milan, Rome and Houston, Texas. Pimsoft’s Sigmafine solution is an enterprise-software platform that improves and sustains data quality for process and manufacturing industries using model based data validation and data reconcliation.. The company employs more than 70 professionals, engineers and IT specialists.

Because process and manufacturing operations produce an ever-increasing amount of data, poor data quality affects critical decision-making and, ultimately, an organization’s bottom line. At Pimsoft, we are in the business of generating value for our customers by ensuring consistent accuracy and usability of process and manufacturing data for users, applications and business processes. Our customers can fully trust their data for action.

Sigmafine is a state-of-the-art platform for validating, reconciling and organizing information according to each customer’s operational and business requirements. We bring the expertise and services required to implement and maintain a complete data governance framework for complex process and manufacturing operations.

Ensuring the highest standards of data quality is our core technology, competency and expertise.

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