Discover SigmafineHub, the next generation Sigmafine technology for the creation and managemen to digital assets in the process industries.

SigmafineHub, a Digital Asset Factory for the enterprise

Today, “Digital Transformation” is top of mind for everyone in the process industries. It is transforming how we look at plant operations. It is impacting how we work and collaborate. It demands new skills in data engineering and data science.  It calls for new sensors, edge data processing and new data management practices. It is changing how business processes are designed and run. It is challenging information systems across the value chain of the enterprise.

Our first challenge in Digital Transformation is the transformation of raw data, measurements, signals, and events originating from sensors, control systems and other systems into Digital Assets. Once transformed, we can manipulate, analyze, share, distribute, reuse these assets to further our business objectives.  The possibilities are endless.

What’s a digital asset?

Digital refers to data and information stored digitally.  Asset refers to having control of the data and information to produce positive economic value.

Now let’s bring those two concepts together. A Digital Asset refers to data & information we own and control that can be used to generate tangible benefits, create a strategic advantage, improve decision making, and become more competitive.

Digital Assets are absolutely foundational in the monetization of information.

Given the real-time nature of process and manufacturing operations, the generation of digital assets must meet two key criteria. First, it must be sustainable over time. Second, it must be reliable. By reliable we mean that it can be trusted for action and possess some level of self analysis. This allows us to avoid the downside of measurement degradation, as well as capture the upside of improving measurement systems and data management practices.

Data driven Digital Transformation initiatives

It is estimated that 50 % of the digital transformation initiatives in the process industry are data driven. This means that massive amounts of data must be turned into usable digital assets. It also means that IT and OT professionals and data scientist must work together. To be successful, they must understand each other’s requirement for transforming data into usable Digital Assets.

SigmafineHub, a Digital Asset factory for the enterprise

We call it a factory because SigmafineHub helps users reliably produce the exact data they need, when they need it. When you need a specific dataset, SigmafineHub delivers.  SigmafineHub does the hard work for you. It can:

  • Source input dates from a wide spectrum of data sources and data types
  • Assemble and preprocess the data into a coherent data set
  • Transform raw datasets into reconciled and conditioned datasets actional by users, readily usable by other applications and business process and suitable for digital transformation initiatives.
  • Repeat this process reliably across the value chain
  • Generate data quality KPI’s that enable continuous improvement of the digital asset quality.

Like a true factory, SigmafineHub never sleeps. It keeps on going day in and day out. It makes sure the information you need is available exactly how you need it so that monetization can be maximized.

And although Digital Assets is a recently adopted concept, we are proud to say that Pimsoft & and Sigmafine systems are true pioneers in this space. We’ve been reliably delivering such digital assets to users, applications, and business processes across multiple verticals in the process industries for over 25 years. And we aren’t done yet. We look forward to several more years of partnering with our users in the process industries to deliver the best Digital Transformation solutions available in the market.


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About Pimsoft

Pimsoft is owner & maker of Sigmafine, enterprise-wide solution for improving the reliability of business processes through better data fit for use at all times.

The mission of the Sigmafine team is to generate value for our customers by ensuring the continual accuracy and usability of their process and manufacturing data so that their data can be fully trusted for decision and action. Pimsoft brings innovative software solutions and engineering skills to industries where data quality and usability is mission critical in shaping information for action and decision. With its offices in Turin, Milan and Rome, Italy and Houston, Texas, Pimsoft maintains the largest contingent of skilled and experienced IT and Engineering professionals in this application domain.

At the core of Pimsoft is an expertise in process and manufacturing know-how applied to data curation and governance. We ensure the successful implementation and application of Sigmafine to support operational, business and compliance mandates of the enterprise.

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